Tom Foolery Roaring 20’s Band

Cure the COVID Blues with the Tom

Foolery Roaring 20’s Band!

It’s 1920, and you’re in a hidden speakeasy during Prohibition, listening and dancing to a great band called “The Tom Foolery Roaring 20’s Band”. It’s a good thing you knew the password to get into the Speakeasy! 1920’s drinks are being served, like Bee’s Knee’s, Gin Rickey, and Mary Pickford. The women look beautiful in their flapper dresses, while the men in their suits and skimmer straw hats look mighty dapper! Uplifting jazz music of the 1920’s fills the air and you just can’t sit in your seat. You just HAVE to get up to dance! The music is fun, up-tempo, and brings back a memory of the free-wheeling 1920’s decade!

For your next event, convention, country club event, party or wedding, Speakeasy bands are all the rage this year (and really the 2020 decade), celebrating 100 years later.

The Tom Foolery Roaring 20’s Band is available as a 2-9 piece band (variable sized band) to fit any venue or budget. 1920’s Follies Dancers can be added to the performance, with a specialty dance show, or the costumed dancers strolling amongst your crowd for wonderful photos ops.

The standards of the day are performed, like “Puttin’ On The Ritz”, “Cheek to Cheek”, “Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall in Love)”, “Pennies From Heaven”, “Makin’ Whoopee”, and introducing the NEW ORIGINAL 1920’s song written by the Tom Foolery band, called…. “Tom Foolery”, of course! The band has released the video, a movie really, on YouTube. This movie can be presented on your big screen while the band plays. Enjoy!

As your event continues, The Tom Foolery Roaring 20’s Band morphs into a contemporary dance band and DJ, playing your customized dance music, to finish out the evening.

So, “Let’s Do It”! Give us a call, a shout, or a message, to book your next Speakeasy Party, “kid”! Ya see, ya gotta have some fun with the language of the day too! Looking forward to hearing from you!